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Arun Excello

Arun Excello

During the successful completion of the Arun-Excello project, efficient dewatering played a crucial role in maintaining productivity and ensuring a safe working environment. As the dewatering manager, Prasanth diligently managed the entire process, including the selection and coordination of the dewatering vendor. By partnering with a reputable and experienced dewatering vendor, Prasanth ensured the availability of state-of-the-art dewatering equipment and skilled personnel.

This collaboration enabled the project team to effectively control water levels, prevent flooding, and maintain optimal working conditions throughout the construction site. Prasanth's strategic choice of a reliable dewatering vendor contributed significantly to the project's timely completion and overall success .

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Arun Excello dewatering System in chennai
Arun Excello dewatering in chennai

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    Work Completed

  • Excavation depth:

    Excavation depth 9meters Dewatering borehole depth minimum 12-15 meters

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Arun Excello dewatering system
Arun Excello dewatering contractors in chennai
Arun Excello Best dewatering contractors

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